Ruby in Goa! – Part 2

The Event Day


Right after the wonderful Golang workshop by William Kennedy, it was now time to celebrate the 10th year of Ruby Conference India on the 20th and 21st of January, 2019.

RubyConf India is a global event complementing other RubyConf events across the world. This year the event was a 2 day, single track event focused on Ruby Language, Framework and Tools.


“Matz is Nice So We Are Nice”

The conference took off with Matz keynote (those of you who don’t know Matz need to know that he is the creator of Ruby language and an awesome human being!), he spoke about:

  • Ruby as a programming language.
  • The past, present and future of the programming language.
  • He also told us that he is going to work on concurrency in ruby in 2019.
  • The power of the community.

One more interesting talk that I would like to mention is The Ultimate Ruby Developer’s Command Line Toolkit – by Brad Urani. Basically, he has given a bunch of  “dot” file scripts that might help one to fasten his/her daily work. If you just go through his slide deck, you will get the entire gist of his talk. You can find his slide deck here.

Another great talk that one must look for was Using Tests as a Tool to Wrangle Legacy Projects – by Jason Swett. Jason is fairly a cool Rubyist and a trainer for Ruby testing. To get the gist of his talk you can read an article written by him here.



An evening party was held at the end of the first day of the conference where I had some interesting conversations which I would like to share:

Goutum Rege: We spoke about how important it is to set goals in life. Speaking of which he said that it is very important that all our goals are time specific.

Matz: I was very curious about how new features are added to Ruby. When I asked Matz about the same, he said that he used to speak with the core developers of Ruby and used to visit many conferences where he met various Ruby users. He also added that once he has collected all the views from the developers and the users, he chooses what could possibly go in the next version of Ruby.

When I asked him about his opinion on learning new languages, he said every programming language is created to solve a specific set of problems and that learning new languages help in understanding a different perspective. So it is good to know other languages too.

Anshul Khandelwal: He is the founder of, a company in Mumbai that works on AI to solve problems faced by lawyers while creating documentation. So at present, they are using Teraform for provisioning the machines in their infrastructure but were looking for a change! Considering how Teraform and Foreman are pretty similar applications 😛 , I thought it was the right time to tell him that I work on Foreman. If things go as per plan, we might soon have a Foreman session in Mumbai.

Bilal Budhani: We spoke about how GraphQL has grown through the years. Last year when I met Bilal he was writing a book about GraphQL and Ruby. The reason why he couldn’t finish his book yet is that too many features are getting introduced with each version of GraphQL and that many quick changes taking place with each release.

I also spoke to a group of people who were talking about whether there should be informal/non-technical talks in a technical conference like Ruby Conf.



Ruby Conf India has been one of the exceptionally awesome conferences where I keep meeting some new like-minded people every year.

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